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Earlier this month, we noted of the increasingly close raise between Apple and Amazon to become the first trillion company. In a new poll shared by CNBC this week, however, investors are overwhelming leaning towards Amazon in winning that race…

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The poll was conducted by CNBC at the 8th Annual Delivering Alpha Conference in New York with “nearly 100 investors” being polled. Among those investors, almost 70 percent think that Amazon will be the first to hit the $1 trillion market cap, followed by Apple at around 15 percent.

As CNBC notes, these investors are likely basing their picks on the growth of each stock so far this year. Amazon is up around 56 percent so far this year, while Apple is up 14 percent and Alphabet 19 percent.

At the time of CNBC’s poll, Amazon had a market cap of $888 billion, while Apple sat at $949 billion and Alphabet at $870 billion.

Nearly 70 percent of those surveyed said Amazon will reach the trillion-dollar value milestone first, followed by Apple and Alphabet. Currently Amazon has a market cap of $888 billion versus Apple’s $949 billion and Alphabet’s $870 billion as of Tuesday’s close, according to FactSet. Nearly 100 investors were polled at the conference.

The investors may be betting that Amazon’s stunning stock momentum this year will continue as its shares are up 56 percent through Tuesday compared with Apple’s 14 percent gain and Alphabet’s 19 percent return.

Those market caps have changed slightly, though. Currently, as of Thursday, Amazon sits at $861.1 billion, while Apple is at $945.65 billion. Alphabet, meanwhile, sits in between the two at $876.85 billion.

Who do you think will be the first to $1 trillion? Apple, Alphabet, Amazon, or another company? Let us know down in the comments!

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