Looking to upgrade my ’12 MBP, how much CPU power do I really need? (I mostly do stocks) – Info Mac

I’m still chugging along on my mid-2012 retina (2.6ghz quad core i7-3720QM) and to be honest, it’s fine for regular use, but feel it’s time to upgrade. I’m on an old Cinema display and more than anything want to get a 5k display, which will require upgrading the whole rig.

I have two main areas of concern: To run the 5k display, and have the Macbook open as well on my desk stand for dual displays.

For work, the only thing I find sluggish that needs to be addressed is stock trading. At any given time I can have many tabs open along with my trading platform, sites like tradingview.com (live charts and html5 drawing tools), and so on. This amount of live data actually gets my laptop heated, fans blowing, and and can become sluggish on high volume days.

How much do I need? Would a 2016-17 i7 MBP suffice, or do I need 6 cores? Or is the 2018 overkill for what I need?

  • Ability to have 5k+retina display without any lag/ slowdown

  • Ability to have a ton of web browsers and data running without lag,ing; itunes and other regular use apps on hand

This is the kind of utilization I’m dealing with on my current i7

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Right now I’m seeing that there are 2016 quad-core i7s at 2.6-2.9ghz, 2017 i7 3.1ghz, and the current 2018 6 core lineup. What do?

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