What’s up with the striped lines in the Macintosh HD partition? (more info in comments) – Info Mac

I’ve been having a lot of weird and slightly troubling occurrences with Disk lately. First, I found that I couldn’t make a new partition, no matter how I set it, in Macintosh HD; once I deleted the Bootcamp partition this issue went away but now I can’t resize Macintosh HD to smaller than 430GB, even though I’m only using 317GB on that partition. 430GB was the size of my Macintosh HD partition when I was using Bootcamp, incidentally.

I tried renaming the partition and using all the different formats, to no avail.

I ran first aid and that didn’t change anything. I erased and deleted the Bootcamp partition through Disk Utility.

Anyone have any ideas as to how to get rid of the striped no-change area?

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