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May 17, 2018

I don’t know a single leader who finds hiring great new talent to be particularly easy.

Especially in this virtually “full employment”current market.

So, what’s the solution?

  1. Do everything possible to keep your team from leaving.
  2. Improve performance to make everyone more productive.

That’s really all there is to it. There are 4 simple things you can do each day to ensure you don’t fall short of the above.

  1. Coach your team 3 hours – per person, per month. Following this guideline will ensure that your team performs better, stays longer, and works harder for you. Coaching comprises of one-to-one sessions, team meetings and rides along sales calls. Simply put, the more you coach, the better your team performs, and the longer they stay.
  2. Enhance your leadership skills. Sellers don’t leave companies, they leave people. The better you are as a leader, the more likely they are to stay.
  3. Ensure fair pay for their results. Sellers will perform better if they understand how they are being paid, and they are rewarded for results.
  4. Communicate successes internally. Sellers (especially younger ones) want to know that they are making a contribution, not just “selling something.” You can show this by capturing customer success stories and communicating these successes to your whole team. When sellers see how they are making their clients better off, they develop a pride in their work that leads to loyalty.

As a sales leader, you set the tone, the standard, and the energy for your team. And, the way they behave is a direct reflection of the way you behave. Click To Tweet

Top performing sales cultures start with top performing sales leaders.

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