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Let me elaborate…

Algorithms are clearly defined steps about transforming well-defined input into desirable output. Therefore algorithms can be encoded into a machine (hardware or software) which can replicate those steps very efficiently.

The trick here is: for an algorithm, in order to operate efficiently (here meaning fast and focussed), it must not be a subject to transformations caused by itself. As soon as the algorithm can change its very nature, all bets are off as we can’t predict/optimize its way of working towards desired results anymore.

And that’s exactly what is capable of: the human brain doesn’t work strictly algorithmic but constantly adapts its pathways to deal with unexpected changes of input. 

There isn’t a “program” or “operating system” working inside the human brain, no matter how many branch-conditions and variables you might define. The human brain is more of a giant pattern recognition engine (very simple abstraction!), constantly re-configuring its recognition and action triggers according to the input and the feedback about its actions’ outcomes.

So, to conclude …

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