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Twitter has been a great place for many people, as it lets them convey their message in a very concise way. While the service has all the features to let your message out, there are still many improvements that can be made to it.

In this week's roundup we'll cover eight from our Software Discovery section that will let you enhance your Twitter . Some of these tools will add more features to Twitter, while others will let you remove the stuff you don't want. Let's check them out.


With Twodio you can send audio tweets. Just record your voice or any sound and send it. Your followers will hear it in their Twitter feeds.

  • Send audio tweets
  • Minimal interface


Twitter Screenshots helps you easily capture beautiful, high-resolution screenshot images of tweets right inside the Twitter website. It adds a camera icon you can click to capture your Twitter screenshots.

  • Take high-res screenshots of tweets
  • Cleans tweets of any distracting elements


Forget is a service that automatically deletes your old posts that everyone has forgotten about. It is a post deleting service for Twitter and Mastodon.

  • Delete your stale bad posts
  • Set up a post age limit
  • Choose deletion pace
  • Mark posts that are not to be deleted


Tweet Tray is a small application which allows you to tweet from your desktop taskbar or menubar, without any further distractions.

  • Tweet from the taskbar or menubar
  • Easy to use


Refined Twitter is a browser extension that simplifies the Twitter interface and adds useful features. It works in all available major web browsers.

  • Simplified and improved UI
  • Hides promoted tweets
  • Auto-loads new tweets in the stream if you're scrolled to the top
  • Fixes the file extension when saving images in tweets
  • Uses the system font
  • Embeds the photo from Instagram links directly in the tweet
  • Improves scrolling performance
  • Hides “Liked” tweets in the stream
  • Syntax highlighting in code blocks
  • Uses the original image in tweet image galleries instead of a downsized version
  • Removes the annoying suggestions in the search popover
  • Hides “Notifications” activity for new followers and being added to a list
  • Prevents DM modal from when (accidentally) clicking outside the modal
  • Highlights your mentions in the stream
  • Adds a Likes button to the main navbar
  • Keyboard shortcut to toggle Night Mode


Make Twitter Great Again helps you hide tweets liked by others in the timeline, hide Live Video, promoted tweets and others improvements for Twitter.com.

  • Hide liked by others tweets on your timeline
  • Hide live video
  • Hide promoted tweets
  • Display usernames instead of names
  • Hide Moments tab
  • Hide long tweets (>140 characters)


Tweet Counter helps you bring back the character counters in tweet boxes so you know how many characters you have typed so far.

  • Shows the character counter for your tweets
  • Works in Chrome


140 helps you restrict your tweets to 140 characters and truncate all tweets in your feed to that same perfect length.

  • Restricts your tweets to 140 characters
  • Cuts down others' tweets to 140 characters

With the tools mentioned above, your Twitter experience will be more cleaner, efficient, and customized. If you think these tools can help you be more productive on Twitter, check out our Software Discovery section that contains a number of other useful tools that can help you. Last but not least, don't forget to let us know what you think about our software section in the comments below.

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