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So I’ve been using for years at home but still find some things too complex to work out…

I have two requirements, which if met, would enable me to be free of Windows on my main work laptop I use at home. This is the goal and the priority is stepped up since Windows 10 went full retard and started installing stuf without asking.

My two main pieces of which I can’t seem to get to co-exist are:

  1. Kdenlive Video Editor – videos I edit every week for performing arts presentations

  2. VirtualBox – Need to run Windows 10 virtually for testing stuff as I work as a SOE

So I was using Maui Linux for about a year – loved it. Came with Kdenlive already installed and runs stable. However I could not get Virtualbox to boot off a windows 10 iso (I forget what the error was – but let’s move past that as this is not what this post is about).

Decided to try something else to get the VirtualBox working so I installed Linux Mint (KDE). VirtualBox worked off the bat and I now have a running Windows 10 VM. Groovy. However Kdenlive, which I had to apt-get, crashes constantly (I tried the new “test the future” version as well and got a Red Screen of Death which was a new experience).

I don’t want to faff about, does anyone else use both of these awesome pieces of FOSS and has them running, and could you recommend a distro? Preferably Ubuntu-based and KDE.

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