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When it Comes to the Traditional Media, One-Size Does Not Fit All

Your company has been working for weeks on a co-venture with another local business. You know this collaboration will be great for the local economy and benefit your area; it’s just the type of news story your local, traditional (newspaper, radio, broadcast) will run. Well…maybe.

If you are sending out the old cookie cutter press releases about your work, your great “story idea” might get deleted along with the dozens of other press releases newsrooms get every day. The one on your partnership with another local business will not stand out on its own.

So, how do you get the traditional media to attention?

Help Them Do Their Job

Just like many businesses around the country, newsrooms are doing more with fewer people. So, whatever you can do to streamline their jobs will get your company noticed. Gone are the days of press releases just being fact-filled paragraphs. You need to think the way a reporter would think– tell a story and use bullet points.

Many of the local business stories you see online were probably copied and pasted from a press release. When most of the work is done for the traditional media, then they are much more likely to run your story.

Have a Compelling Lead

Make people care, even if it’s something mundane like a new hire or event announcement. If your company is hiring, lead with a of jobs you are bringing to the area. Even 5 new positions could get a news editor’s attention.

Pro-Tip: Which is better: “Tony’s Pizza Opening New Location” or “Tony’s Pizza Adding 25 More Jobs to Struggling Smallville Economy.” The second will get your business free media and may even get you an interview or two.

What’s the Benefit?

You have to convince each individual member of the traditional media to think you’re worth publicizing. Want to know the truth? They want to catch as many eyeballs as they can, so they are going to run stories about businesses that can benefit other people. Tell them how you’re making a difference. That’s the heart of a true human-interest piece: something honest that makes people feel connected to the story.

Say More with Less

Remember, they have limited time. Editors and reporters are glancing over dozens of press releases a day. While your business and its press releases may feel like they require a lot of background information, try to say more with less.

Put the best pitch information near the top and save the background information for the bottom paragraph.

Traditional media is a powerful tool. Good publicity can often make more of a mark in the hearts of your target audience than advertising. Approaching the media in the right way is worth your time and effort.


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