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by Evil HR Lady on July 30, 2018

Salesforce CEO Benioff announced some startling changes at Salesforce in order to rectify problems between male and female pay gaps. Excellent. Except there are some things that have not yet been addressed.

1. Benioff said regarding pay discrepancies: “It was everywhere,” Benioff admitted in a 60 Minutes interview. “It was through the whole company, every department, every division, every geography.”

How does it get this way and how do you solve that?  A spokeswoman for Salesforce said, in an email to me, that they approached the pay difference as follows:

“We solve for any unexplained differences between both women and men, as well as race and ethnicity in the U.S. And if there are, we make adjustments as needed.

The wage gap is a complex problem, and there is no single cause of pay inequality. There are many variables and socio-cultural factors that play into these discrepancies that are beyond the control of one organization, department or person. What we’re trying to do through our regular audits is negate these factors as best as possible.

Within a business, there is a cause of pay inequality. And that is terrible HR. Who is getting fired over this?

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