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When one thinks of a , you might remember the old bulky off-white models that you had in the classroom years ago. Or, if you're a bit more up-to-date, you might think of the flashy RGB-style gamer-designed versions that are flooding the market as of late.

One thing that generally doesn't come to mind is a Mac-style keyboard, especially with the way Apple has treated the keys of its latest flagship MacBook Pro with barely any travel at all. In comes the Vinpok Taptek, though an odd name, the keyboard itself looks fantastic with Cherry-style switches and the ability to be used both wired or wirelessly.

My personal keyboard, the one I spend hours upon hours a day writing on, is the Das Keyboard Professional 4 for Mac. I love it, it's fantastic, the keys feel great, and it does what I want it to. It's loud and has no backlighting whatsoever, but that's fine with me. The design is very “meh” as it's just a black slate with keys on it and a red knob at the side for volume. Overall, it's “just a keyboard”.

When I was using a MacBook Pro as a daily device (I'm now on a custom-built Hackintosh), I tried going the route of using Magic accessories. I purchased the Magic Mouse, Keyboard, and Trackpad, and attempted to use them all. On my MacBook, I loved the keys and trackpad, and the Magic Mouse had a small profile, perfect for traveling.

However, the external Magic Trackpad was not the same experience I had when using a MacBook. It was awkward and my wrist was always cramping. The Magic Keyboard was somewhat the same, because of how small it was, my hands were used to a larger surface with keys that featured more travel than it provided. So, back to my boring keyboard I went.

The Vinpok Taptek is designed to fit in that space. It's designed to be for those who want the Magic Keyboard style, but the feel of a fully-mechanical offering. The Taptek is meant to be used in one of two ways, either wired with USB or wirelessly with your Mac, Windows, or Android devices.

There's both a Mac or Windows version with operating system-specific keys on each, and this keyboard can connect to up to three devices while switching with just a .

You can switch between 10 different backlight modes and colors, and the switches are rated to last 50,000,000 presses, meaning it'll be a while before it's time to replace this keyboard.

There's no pricing yet, but pre-orders will be available soon, and you can sign up on the company's website to be notified when it goes live. I'm excited for the design of this keyboard and am very intrigued as to what it may bring.

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