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Finding the perfect tagline can be daunting.

You want something punchy and descriptive that encapsulates who you are, what you're about and why people should choose you.

If you want a tagline that resonates and sways people, it should be memorable and compelling. Of course, that's a tall order.

Research has found that prolonged media exposure can increase tagline recall, but the secret to coming up with a tagline people like comes down to these characteristics:

  • Clarity of message
  • of phrasing
  • Inclusion of a benefit

Anyone can come up with a great tagline—regardless of how “boring” your business or industry is. Here are 13 standouts to get your creative juices flowing:

1. Coffee House Press

“Where good books are brewing.”

Coffee House Press is an independent book publisher based in Minneapolis. The company's clever tagline describes who they are and what they do, with a shot of flavorful wordplay.

2. Wounded Warrior Project

“The greatest casualty is being .”

This nonprofit offers a variety of services to injured veterans, including health care and economic support. This powerful, poignant tagline encapsulates the nonprofit's mission, and it compels people to care.

It's challenging to find a tasteful tagline when dealing with sensitive or difficult subject matter, but Wounded Warrior Project struck the right chord.

3. Course Hero

“Master your classes.”

Course Hero is an online learning portal that offers 20 million course-specific study materials to help students succeed. The company's vision foresees “a world where every student graduates, confident and prepared.”

Course Hero's succinct tagline gets straight to the heart of its mission—in just three words.

4. Digit

“Save money, without thinking about it.”

Digit is an app that helps you save cash. Its tagline, however, promises users a double benefit of saving money and energy.

Who could object to effortlessly saving more dollars?

5. Travelocity

“Wander wisely.”

Travelocity has accomplished quite a feat with this tagline. It has managed to pack emotion, creativity and clarity into a two-word teaser, which suits this travel site that promises cheaper travel.

The use of “wisely” subtly gives readers a choice: Be foolish and pay more, or be smart and choose Travelocity.

6. Lush

“Fresh, handmade cosmetics.”

This tagline might not seem like the most exciting, aspirational tagline for a cosmetics brand—especially when most are pitching the “beauty as confidence” angle. However, it delivers the company's positioning in its simplest, purest form—which dovetails with Lush's all-natural, cruelty-free products.

7. Bazaarvoice

“Meet shoppers in all the moments that matter.”

Bazaarvoice seeks to build authentic relationships through content . Its tagline offers a lyrical phrasing that's pleasing to read, and it packs an emotional punch.

8. DonorsChoose.org

“Support a classroom. Build a future.”

This straightforward tagline expresses the bigger picture of the impact your donations can make.

9. BUST magazine

“The magazine for women with something to get off their chests.”

BUST covers hip female artists, musicians, activists, rebels and tastemakers.

BUST's edgy tagline complements its cheeky publication name.

10. Canine Companions for Independence

“Help is a four-legged word.”

CCI is a wonderful nonprofit that provides assistance dogs to adults, children and veterans with disabilities. Its tagline is an inspiring, heartwarming, emotional masterpiece.

11. Casper

“The best bed for better sleep.”

This simple tagline distills Casper's brand promise—”to use science, technology and innovation to provide you the best night's sleep”—into a catchy, pithy phrase.

12. Thinx

“For people with periods.”

Thinx created “period-proof panties” to help eliminate the use of potentially toxic tampons and pads. Brands that make menstruation products have traditionally focused exclusively on feminine hygiene, but Thinx's tagline is more inclusive. (The company included a trans man in a 2016 campaign.)

Thinx's mission is clear: to make periods easier for anyone who has to deal with them.

13. Luna

“Energy to break through.”

Luna isn't selling nutrition bars; it's selling the fuel you get from those bars. This tagline encapsulates that notion in vivid, energetic language.

Katy French is managing editor at Column Five Media. A version of this post first ran on Column Five's blog.

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