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More than half a year ago, u/PointiestStick launched the & initiative as part of KDE Community Goals. The idea is to help users become as productive as possible thanks to KDE software by fixing many quality-of-life problems and polishing our software even more. Since then, we’ve made some incredible progress and we certainly won’t stop here!

Week 1 – Responding to feedback on Discover improvements; new features and improvements in Okular and Dolphin

Week 2 – Notification badges are cool! Discover receives Snap and Flatpak support; plenty of visual consistency improvements all around

Week 3 – Many improvements to Dolphin; more responsive System Settings Look and Feel page

Week 4 – Spectacle, Gwenview, and Dolphin improvements; faster Move and Copy operations; and now you can BLUR ALL THE THINGS!

Week 5 – Fixing visual glitches

Week 6 – Plasma is fast!

Week 7 – More power to KRunner; Dolphin, Gwenview and Plasma receive visual improvements

Week 8 – Konsole, Okular, and Dolphin are more usable, and Plasma more visually consistent. Also, an initiative to clean up store.kde.org is announced

Week 9 – Spectacle and Konsole get a new feature each; app menu support in Plasma now works with all GTK-based programs

Week 10 – Discover and Dolphin as the main stars of the show; visual improvements to Plasma widgets and Konsole

Week 11 – More powerful Crop tool in Gwenview, better support for forms in Okular

Week 12 – Better support for Windows partitions in Dolphin; improved mouse settings; general appearance polishing all around

Week 13 – Dolphin receives a bunch of improvements; System Settings makes it easy to download and install new splash screens

Week 14 – Major bugs fixed; Open/Save dialogs are more consistent and user-friendly; new options in Dolphin and Gwenview

Week 15 – Konsole, Gwenview, and color picker widget improvements

Week 16 – New lock and login screens + easier resizing and image management in Gwenview; better defaults in Dolphin

Week 17 – Massive amount of improvements to Discover and Open/Save dialogs; cool new features in Spectacle and Okular

Week 18 – Progress on improving the Open/Save dialogs; making Dolphin, System Settings, and Gwenview more user-friendly

Week 19 – Polishing Plasmoids and System Settings; improvements to Okular, Baloo, and Gwenview

Week 20 – Telegram integration, persistent word count in Kate, plus improvements to Konsole and a bunch of bug fixes

Week 21 – Heap of improvements in Discover, new context menu options in Dolphin, and a quick way to open images in Gwenview

Week 22 – Better sorting options in Gwenview, prettified Discover and many system configuration dialogs

Week 23 – Overhauled Mouse and Touchpad System Settings modules

Week 24 – Spectacle, Kate, and Discover improvements, better dialogs in Dolphin, and a quick way to donate to KDE

Week 25 – Gwenview, Okular and KNewStuff improvements, plus new global keyboard shortcuts

Week 26 – KRunner and Dolphin get some serious attention

Week 27 – Snap Channels support in Discover; polished widgets, Breeze shadows, and Dolphin appearance

Week 28 – Getting ready for the release of KDE Applications 18.08

Week 29 – New capabilities in Plasma Vaults, Discover, and Dolphin

Week 30 – Polishing Discover, Kate, Gwenview, and Desktop Effects System Settings module

Thanks a lot to u/PointiestStick for collecting & blogging about the progress.

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