textosaurus – simple Qt5 text editor

Hello guys, just letting you know about new things in Textosaurus. Textosaurus is simple cross-platform text with portable settings.


  • Textosaurus application is now split into main executable () and core library (libtextosaurus). Windows prebuilt app archive also includes all necessary files to link against libtextosaurus (include header files, *.dll and *.lib files).
  • New “Macros” sidebar which allows you to record/play/save macros and display list of its steps.
  • Code folding was added and is now available for some lexers.
  • Updated Scintilla editing component to 4.1.0.
  • Printing grayscaled version of document (w/o syntax highlighting).
  • Context-aware occurrences highlighting with bindable action. (#38)
  • Textosaurus can be now translated via Transifex. (I tried to use some other service, but it just did not meet my needs.)

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