7 Great Apps Will Make This Your Best Summer

This summer, ditch the typical “avoid technology” mentality and start taking advantage of the possibilities at your fingertips! While many people fear that technology has taken over our lives, it can actually help enhance the overall quality of life. It seems there is a mobile app for everything from photo editing to scheduling doctor’s appointments or even finding a ride home. Experiment with the app suggestions below to make the most of your summer!



Become your own personal trainer! The free version of this app provides you with video demos of “no equipment required” Strength, Stretching, Cardio, Pilates, & Yoga workouts.


The world’s first community-based fitness app connects you with other active people in your area. Create or join a “pack” to train with & motivate each other to achieve fitness goals!



Book your next getaway fast with this easy to use vacation planner. Plan your flight details, hotel reservation and car rental all in one place!


Make your vacation unforgettable by documenting your adventures by writing journal entries about your experiences & adding pictures from your gallery. Plus, you can convert entries into shareable PDF format!



Invite guests over to try out a new dish, choose from 30,000 food and drink recipes on the go. Epicurious provides interactive ingredient lists that lets you check off items as you shop.


Avoid the struggle of picking a new place to eat. Easily swap restaurant recommendations with trusted foodies and your friends! Make a list of your favorite restaurants, review your experience, share it with your friends & vice versa.



Discover a variety of exciting events happening in your neighborhood. Search for the topics you love, such as concerts, festivals, classes and more! Buy tickets and share the event info with friends on your social accounts.

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