8 Best Google Docs Hacks for Marketing Agencies & Their Clients | B2B Marketing

Still haven’t made the full-time switch from Microsoft Word to Google ?

Perhaps it’s because old habits die hard.

Or perhaps it’s because, like so many others who live in the Microsoft Word comfort zone, you’re hung up on a few unfamiliar features that you haven’t quite figured out yet.

So, first things first: to my spritely Millennial friends, stop smirking. You know no other way than the Google way. This blog is not for you.

Now, to the long-time Word users out there (like yours truly): let this be your wake-up call. It’s time to make a clean break from Word. Seriously. Google Docs has capabilities that make writing, editing and sharing documents infinitely easier for you, your colleagues, and most importantly, your clients.

Let’s jump in right now with 8 great hacks that will save time and create efficiencies all around.

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