Storytelling: The Intersection of Marketing and Public Relations | B2B Marketing

There was a time when marketing and communications or public relations, were treated as two different departments, siloed off from each other with their own separate goals and objectives. But now, these worlds are more nebulous than ever, and the commonality that blurs those once clear lines is storytelling.

Leveraging your company’s stories is advantageous for several reasons. As a content marketer, it’s important to create the narrative you want your prospects and customers to consume. When deploying traditional public relations tactics, like media relations, you’re helping to shape the public’s perception of your brand through placed, or pitched, stories – instead of letting people make assumptions, or worse, letting people live their lives without knowing who you are because you kept your stories all to yourself.

If you have nothing to say, no stories to tell, how do you expect to sell your products, generate new business or spread awareness?

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