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Over the past 25 years, skincare brand Aesop has built a loyal base of enthusiasts through its unique fragrances, refined packaging and stunning one-of-a-kind retail store experiences. To bring the unique and educational experience of the store online, and support the brand’s continued global growth, Aesop turned to Work & Co to design and develop a luxury e-commerce solution that feels true to the brand’s ethos around restraint, while making it simple for users to browse, discover and purchase.

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“A chief consideration in our creation of a new was making the online experience a true extension of the Aesop brand in-person,” says Dever Thomas, design director at Work & Co and lead designer for the project. No two Aesop stores are alike. Each is carefully crafted in partnership with local architects, who in turn use locally sourced materials. And employees are more than retail associates; they’re educated skincare experts who offer Aesop customers expert advice tailored to each shopper’s lifestyle and needs. “We were committed to creating a beautiful online shopping experience that feels just as hightouch as shopping in Aesop’s stores—with the same level of tailored recommendations and top-notch skin care guidance,” Thomas says. “At the same time, we wanted to create a solution capable of scaling and flexing across the brand’s global markets.”

Launched in May 2017 to the U.S., the new storefront is prompting dramatic results. Within weeks, the U.S. store saw a 40% lift in conversion. The site rolled out across Australia, Europe and Asia last September. And Work & Co continues to stay plugged-in. “We’re checking how the site is performing daily and ensuring we make tweaks so that it continues to perform better,” Thomas says. “An e-commerce platform, like any digital product, is a living, breathing thing. And so I love that our relationship with Aesop is ongoing.”

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Title Aesop’s Website Redesign, | Design Firm Work & Co, New York City; | Creative Team Jon Jackson, partner/designer; Dever Thomas, design director; Andrew McBride, design lead; Juliana Gaiba, senior designer; JP Lages, Glauber Sampaio, Marco Vincit, Brian Nguyen, designers; Tiago Luchini, partner, technology; Michael Evans, director of product management; Fernando Andrade, principal developer; Julie Basque, product manager; Wesley de Souza, Marko Niciforovic, Josh Rounsville, Matt Sacks, senior developers; Owen Herterich, Elizabeth Morrison, Gaston Figueroa, developers; Denise Miceli, senior QA; Mila Rudnouskaya, Aniket Sharma, QA analysts | Client Aesop

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