Ultimate Guide To Lenticular Printing Effects

Lenticular printing creates prints with amazing effects not possible with other types of printing. Various marketing items are possible through lenticular printing including large format banners, posters, postcards, business cards, and fabric. These prints come out with different angle variations and effects that make them very appealing and attention grabbing. Opting for lenticular printing when considering large format printing offers good value for money to match brand requirements. Read on to discover the options for lenticular printing effects.

3D effect

This is the most popular effect for lenticular printing. The 3D effect gives a new perspective to regular designs. Stereoscopic prints all the 3D effect to create visual illusions of distance and depth among objects in your image. This effect is available in two options including layered and volumetric. The layered 3D effect is where image separation is in layered to create an illusion of natural depth from inside. Volumetric 3D is a bit complex while producing unparalleled realism.

The versatility of 3D effects allows incorporating more lenticular design images and styles. The most significant features of the 3D effects include color choice and appropriate focal point. The rule of thumb is to opt for backgrounds with neural colors and bright images for the foreground. This will allow getting quality prints that will appeal to potential customers.

Morph effect

Another option when considering large format lenticular printing  is to opt for a morph effect. Creating this effect is a bit challenging and requires various equipment, skillset, and technical set up. The process requires combining two different images to create morphing transition with appropriate algorithms and complex programs. Transitions are placed between two images showing the flow of gradual change. Image conversion between these images creates a morphing effect.

The morph effect works well for images with a similar structure. Making the most from this effect is determined by choice of background, shape, and color. Ghosting might happen when using images that are not similar. This unfavorable effect results from an image appearing vaguely on top of the other because of the significant visual difference. Morphing comes out clean for images with similar structure making. It a great choice for product promotions for products including facial soups and skincare creams for the eye-catching changes.

Zoom effect

The zoom effect has a sophisticated appeal for its two illusionary movements. Zoom in has a leap out effect with zoom out having jump back effect. Using various compatible images to enlarge and shrink on single graphic is possible to make a focal point. This effect supports the use of multiple objects that might not look similar. Creating a moving focal point requires lighter tones while dark backgrounds create great effect while zooming.

Flip effect

This classic lenticular printing effect is more common on cards making it more powerful. The flip effect shows immediate drastic changes with strong contrast between variations in images. There is a possibility to use a combination of three images for viewing at various angles. A bit lacking in elegant transition, the flip effect makes up by having exceptional simplicity and speed. Making the most of this effect requires about two to three images to get the overall effect. However, you can use as many as six images.

The flip effect is naturally simple and effectively eye-catching and versatile. Its classic style allows viewers to connect with the print compared to regular prints. Images with a larger viewing angle are necessary for the flip effect. This allows observers to notice the changes as they appear and disappear. It is important for your advertisement to avoid ghosting especially during ‘cause and effect’ or ‘before and after’.

Animation effect

With a complex appeal, this effect introduces quality to the table. The animation effect supports using multiple frames collected with sequential shots. All images should vary slightly from each other to capture the action’s full motion. These images usually come from master video frames and of still shots for effective storytelling. The animation effect has a clear beginning but ends in motion to reveal movement passage. Your advertisement  will look like a short movie clip.

Combination effect

This is a combination of other effects to create exceptional results. The combined effect creates stimulating interaction between viewers and print. Creating this effect requires industry experience and skill. A good idea is to combine 3D and flip effect using about 24 images for an overall versatile effect. This seamless combination creates a visually appealing print with exceptionally pleasing aesthetics. Your prints will come with visually balanced images that send a clear message to the viewers.


A professional lenticular printing company will allow you to visualize your design. Brilliant and elegant execution will create lenticular prints that will grab the attention of everyone. Large format printing of your marketing material through lenticular printing is the trick to enhance your brand appeal.

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