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So if you own any Adobe application, then each time you open one, an empty named “Creative Cloud Files” will be created in your Home folder.

This sucks, I hate it, and I want it gone, but it keeps coming back every day.

So I created a folder action that will simply remove any folder with this name each time it gets added, supposedly.

HOWEVER. The problem is that the action only seems to run when I add a folder as a test. It does not run when an Adobe application adds that same folder. So it doesn’t work.

of the action

Is there anything I can do to get what I want? Here are some ideas I’d be okay implementing:

  • The action runs once a day and checks if such a folder exists
  • A scheduled Applescript runs that does what I want
  • Somehow the folder action already in place gets triggered even when an Adobe application creates the folder, not just when I do it


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