Motherhood is changing. Why isn’t the fertility process, too? | Web Designing

More women than ever are undergoing fertility treatment on their own. Yet the process is designed almost exclusively for couples. Smart Design’s Stephanie Yung explores a better way in this three-part series called Project Junior.

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Back in my twenties, I never imagined myself single and setting out to have my first child at more than 40 years of age, but an increasing number of women are doing just that. Bucking the tradition of a nuclear family, today we see about one in four mothers in the U.S. raising children on their own. There’s a rise in blended families, and a record number of people who have never been married. In the mid ’90s, it was almost unheard-of for a never-married woman in her early 40s with a postgraduate degree to have a child. Today, 25% of women who fit that profile do have a child, and I’m about to swell their ranks. Thanks to IUI, (a fertility treatment better known as intrauterine insemination or artificial insemination), I’m expecting my first child in October.

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