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is important because you want your company to be consistent across every platform and your website. If you are creating a new presence or reevaluating your old one, you need to make sure you own the following:

  • Facebook page
  • Twitter handle
  • Instagram account
  • Snapchat account
  • LinkedIn profile
  • YouTube account
  • Pinterest account
  • An account with any other social media relevant to your business.
  • Any domain names associated with your business.

You may know already that YouTube or Pinterest isn’t where you want to focus your branding efforts. That’s absolutely fine. You should create an account with your business name anyway.

Why You Must Stake Your Claim

It may seem like a waste of time, but it’s far from it. By taking these steps now, you ensure that a competitor can’t squat on your name, forcing you to come up with an alternative when you decide to take advantage of a new marketing channel. While you know that’s morally wrong, you never know when a competitor is going to decide to fight dirty. Don’t let them.

Even if your competitors aren’t malicious, it’s necessary to claim an account related to your business because there may be a similarly named business elsewhere. For example, let’s say I run a lipstick business and name it Allison’s Lips and some other woman named Allison decided to call her business Lips by Allison. We’re probably going to have customers confuse us.

Clearly Define Your Brand

In this situation, one of us would most likely change our name to differentiate us. However, some industries, such as auto dealerships, are often are named “Location Brand” or “Brand of Location.” There’s not much you can do in that situation, except make sure your brands are clearly defined. The last thing you want is for your customers to think they’re interacting with you only to find out that it’s a similarly named business or someone who doesn’t share your values.

Being the first one to claim any names related to your business will establish your web presence, so you don’t have to worry about another business potentially claiming assets that should be yours.

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