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MacBook Pro Touch Bar with shiny keys?

Hey there,

I recently noticed that the keyboard of my 2017 MBP TB is wearing off incredibly fast. I always had the „problem“ that the have worn off after some time (I had a 2011 MBP before) and usage but the keys of my new begin to shine after a super short time. And it's not the oily shine which can be wiped away but the glossy light reflecting shine which comes from rubbing over the keyboard with your fingers while typing.

I attached a photo where you can see what I mean. My keyboard is only four old. If you zoom in on the command-key, you can also see that the structure of the surface of the key is different.

Has anyone else noticed something similar? Is it just more visible because the keyboard is grey-ish and not so dark black as the ones before?

Have a good one, everybody!

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