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I’m trying to create a keyboard shortcut to run the shell command pmset displaysleepnow so I can do something like cmd+shift+L to lock my screen. However, after I create the service and save it to ~/Library/ it still doesn’t show up in System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Services > General or anywhere else under the services .

I have tried rebooting and creating new ones but it just doesn’t seem to want to show up. This is my first time creating an Automator workflow so I am not sure if I am missing a crucial step.

Here’s my Keyboard Shortcuts screen:

Here’s the Automator :

I ran the test and it successfully locks my screen but now I am scratching my head as to how I am gonna get the service to show up as an option. Any suggestions?


  • ^ ⌘ Q is a system shortcut for locking the screen; it already exists.
  • I can’t help you with the automator workflow, I haven’t used automator for anything like that in years.
  • I would just set up a hot corner for sleeping the display personally.
  • Yeah, I have hot corners setup (bottom left to lock) I just prefer the key combo to lock and have been trying to find an excuse to try Automator and a KB shortcut to lock the screen was my first idea.
  • Also, doesn’t cmd+shift+Q log you out, not just lock?
  • Anyway, thanks for the help!
  • ^ is the symbol for control, not shift, on macOS. You are correct, shift ⌘ Q is the shortcut for log out.
  • Ah, right. Sorry I jump between windows and Mac all day with work haha
  • Apple used to print the symbols on the keyboards. Now they just use the symbols on the menu bar, and expect users to know what they mean. I blame Jony Ive and his obsession with clean design.

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