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Web Design & UI/UX: National World Intuitive

Web Design & UI/UX: National Geographic World Changing Intuitive Site

Aug 27, 2018

We are taking a look at this web design project by Dops Digital, a studio based in Lviv, Ukraine. Their latest project is about either a concept or an upcoming new site for National Geographic. It’s an overall lovely design! The idea as and I quote: “…in order to bring people as close to the nature as possible”. Built with an 8-Point Grid, the visual approach will be mostly about vertical rhythm to play with the repetitive pattern. It’s pretty neat! The team over Dops has done a tremendous job with the interactions, let’s a look at the “search” for example. The UX pattern is different from what we are used to. With no input field and a smooth animation to trigger the “search”. Along with more features, you should definitely check out the entire project.

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