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We’re very excited to announce the latest release of Dreamweaver CC with support for Git, a modern solution for developers working collaboratively. If you work for a design agency or contribute actively to an open source project, it’s likely you’ve used Git before. With Git integrated with the latest release of Dreamweaver, you’ll have the ability to easily maintain versions, efficiently manage source code in a secure repository, and collaborate real-time.

Right within Dreamweaver, you can Initialize a new or existing site to create a local Git repository or clone an existing repo.

Once cloned or initialized, you can use the Files panel to view file statuses in Git view, as well as perform common Git operations. Changes to code are indicated by Guttermarks in Code View, with appropriate colors to indicate addition, deletion, and modification. So keeping track of what changes have been made is easy to identify.

The new Git panel within Dreamweaver CC lets you perform most Git operations, such as Commit, Pull, Push, Fetch, and more. You can also manage Branches and Remote Repositories right within the app.

That’s not the only update in this release. You can also find two new code themes: Monaki and Classic. You can use these themes to take advantage of greater contrast and visual appeal of the colors in code view.

Download the update today from your Creative Cloud app manager, and let us know what you think!

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