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The boxing match between the YouTubers and Logan Paul may have resulted in a draw, but the event was doubtless a win for their bank balances.

According to The Times, almost 20,000 fans attended the boxing match at Manchester Arena on Saturday night. And The Verge calculated that about 773,000 people watched the £7.50/$10 pay-per-view stream on YouTube.

Business Insider estimates that this adds up to as much as £8.5 million, or about $11 million, in revenue. Here’s how we got there:

Paul in action against KSI at the Manchester Arena.
REUTERS/Tom Jacobs

With an average ticket price of £135, and rounding up the number of attendees to 20,000, we generously estimated that the live event pulled in £2.7 million.

And if 773,000 people paid £7.50 each to watch the livestream on YouTube, that brought in £5.8 million.

That gives us a total figure of £8.5 million, or about $11 million.

We should emphasize that this is pretty approximate. The average ticket price, for example, was skewed higher by the smaller number of £495 VIP tickets sold to die-hard fans.

And our total excludes revenue from ads against YouTube videos in the run-up to the fight, money from merchandise sales, and any revenue from the uCast stream, available to those who were unable to access YouTube. All of these will have brought in more cash.

It also doesn’t mean KSI and Paul have necessarily walked away with $5.5 million each. Our calculations exclude any overhead for staging the event, including travel and staff costs.

The pair also lost out on substantial amounts of money. The Verge reported that more than 1 million viewers watched illegal, pirated streams on the streaming site Twitch. That’s a potential loss of £7.5 million, or $10 million, in streaming revenue alone.

Still, it’s a substantial wad of cash generated by two internet celebrities who are not professional boxers and is comparable to a professional boxing match. According to The Mirror, the 2017 fight in Wembley between Anthony Joshua and Wladimir Klitschko generated £8 million in ticket sales.

KSI and Paul could double their money in February, when they are planning to fight at an unconfirmed venue in the US.

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