Billionaires Of This World, Listen Up: A McLaren Speedtail Build Slot Is For Sale | Feature

Mercedes-AMG has forbidden owners to sell Project One build slots, and Aston Martin has done the same with the Valkyrie.

Ford obliged them by contract to keep the GT in their possession for a determined period of time, something like 2 years as we learned from the John Cena debacle, and Ferrari is doing something similar for its ultra exclusive models. , however, hasn’t announced anything similar.


Thus, an exotic car dealer is already selling a build slot for the upcoming . The ad can be found here and doesn’t give out any details about the exotic model. They do say that the deal will be sealed with a “lawyer to lawyer non-disclosure agreement (NDA)”, though, and that the asking price is available upon request.

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Purchasing the alleged build slot would require paying a very steep sum, given that the British automaker initially asked £1.6 million ($2.1 million) for the Speedtail in the United Kingdom, tax excluded – and the seller will be looking to make a hefty premium, of course…

The McLaren Speedtail will be unveiled later this year, with a central driving position, hybrid powertrain, F1 technology and hypercar performance. It will be limited to 106 examples, just like the iconic McLaren F1, but before its premiere it will be previewed in front of customers who have already paid a deposit during a private event. Production will commence at the end of 2019, so the first units should be delivered in 2020.

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