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Greetings users from Rumbling games studio,

We are an upcoming game development studio located in Egypt. Currently we are developing a historical action rpg game set in the Middle East. All the game information can be found through our Kickstarter link:

We are here to discuss with you our philosophy and mindset regarding game development. We believe gamers should play their games on the platform they prefer. Unlike most studios we can ALWAYS support Linux systems without worrying about costs thanks to our location in Egypt in Africa.

To put things into perspective:
– The average game developer costs in Egypt about (300$) a month.
– So hiring five developers dedicated for Linux support and porting is nothing.
– Our sales break even point is less than 30K copies which means even a Linux exclusive game could earn us a profit!

Linux gamers have always missed many big titles out there, because publishers always consider Linux support is worthless and non profitable. This further alienated many gamers who was considering migrating to Linux.

We are here offering you the opportunity to support a studio that will ALWAYS support Linux systems. A type of games that is not very common on Linux while is very abundant elsewhere. We even plan to have DRM free release on our website or on GOG store.
It is not just about a game you want to play, it is about a studio that will always support you and offer you the freedom of choice in the gaming platform you desire.

Article Prepared by Ollala Corp

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