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There’s not a ton to be gained from one evaluations in terms of actual learning. I know plenty of examples where participants had a great time in training only to go back to work and do absolutely nothing with it.

The real value is in product development. 

If participants like your training programs, find them engaging, and believe they are relevant, they are more likely to tell other people about their favorable experience. That becomes helpful word-of-mouth marketing.

So yes, a level one evaluation is really a customer service survey. 


Search for Themes

The starting point is to search participant feedback for themes, just like you would a customer service survey. I analyzed comments from thousands of survey results from this course. (You can read this primer on analyzing survey comments if you aren’t sure how.) 

Overall, the feedback was very positive. People really liked the course, which helps explain its popularity. Some people did have some constructive feedback, and my analysis quickly revealed three clear themes:

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