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There are no good places to leave an unreleased phone. Especially the back of a Lyft.

A 3 appeared by pure chance in the back of an anonymous driver’s Lyft, and very gracefully they returned the phone to the owner in short order. In between then, however, they took some photos of the device and sent them over to Android Police.

The shots of the device line up with pretty much everything that’s been leaked so far. At this stage, it’ll be interesting what surprises Google has left come the Pixel 3/Pixel 3 XL’s launch, which is expected sometime in early October.

It’s been a real leaky year for phones, come to think of it. The Pixel 3 has popped up all over the place, as did basically anything that came off the Samsung manufacturing line. Apple sent out a stern email to staff about leaking to the press, and shortly thereafter some Geekbench scores from an “iPhone 11,2” running on iOS 12.0 started appearing.

For the record, the new iPhones are what we’ll see first with iPhone Day on September 13 Australian time. Google will probably be second out of the gate with the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL in early October, and Huawei will show off their new Mate 20 – the second line of phones to use the 7nm process, presuming the new iPhones have 7nm chips as expected – in mid-October.

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