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Sometimes you some inspiration while you are in the workplace. With the ever increasingly growing technology, numerous inventions have come our way making the world a better place to live. With the technology and especially today, you can agree with me that everything is possible. In connection to this, -site-Levo has issued a mobile application which can assist you to gain some knowledge about your own abilities and how to transcribe them into your office.

How Does The App Function?

The app, Thinking Talents, solicits you an arrangement from 35 inquiries regarding your aptitudes and . At last, you’ll be given a little personality test to enable you to identify your expert strengths and weaknesses. Consider it a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator specifically for the working environment.

Each inquiry centres on one part of your personality, such as thinking logically, taking charge, good faith, coaching and even it can tell you whether or not you are a narcissist or introverts. You answer each inquiry with “Sometimes”, “Always” or “Never,” and the protest is to answer “Always” for 5 to 8 questions.

Once you’ve answered every one of the 35 questions, you’re given a little personality profile, which is separated into four quadrants: innovative, analytic, rational and procedural.

After you’ve gotten your profile, you can tap every perspective on your personality to see more points of interest. Specifically, you’ll see why that quality will enable you to succeed and what pitfalls to pay special mind to.

Thinking Talents additionally furnishes you with articles from Levo League based on your personality, which can enable you to navigate the workforce and exploit your abilities. Levo League is a site specifically to work women, however, the app is for any individual who’s keen on discovering somewhat about how their talents convert into the working environment.

The app is geared towards recent college grads getting started in the work world, and keeping in mind that it’s fun and energizing to pick up a touch of understanding into your inward workings, it’s not certain what the subsequent stage is in the wake of taking the test. There’s not a ton left to do on the app after you’ve taken the test and read your outcomes. You can impart your profile to your companions and contrast your profile with theirs, yet it might be more useful if the app could likewise prescribe profession ways or jobs suited to your personality.

The test results may be useful in a meeting where you’re solicited to describe some from your strengths or office-accommodating characteristics. Levo League assumes to such an extent, composing on its site and saying that their iOS app helps you to discover what your novel talents are and how your personal mindset can enable you to discover roles in which you will succeed. Levo likewise includes that the App gives you the instruments and ideas to offer yourself—an expertise that is important in business.


Just as I have mentioned above, the technology we have today is capable of anything and so far we have seen the results of the same. Before long, here’s is yet another crazy application that assists you to determine your personality and from there do more than you ever imagined. Get to install this App today and ensure you’ve not only stayed up-to-date the trends of the technology but also have taken advantage of it to grow yourself even farther.

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