I want to update to High Sierra, but I’m afraid Adobe CS6 won’t run if I do. | Mac

I have a Macbook Pro from 2012. Here are some of the specs. I’m currently running Maverick, and it’s getting so old that Chrome isn’t going to support updates anymore. Even my VPN service has been bugging me to do it. The computer has been running a bit slower too.

I think when I installed Maverick years ago (originally had Mountain Lion), it caused some problems with my which I straightened out bc I was doing online college for graphic design. The Macbook came with the software installed on it already.

Any advice? Should I take it to my local electronics store for a tune-up? Can I install Sierra and if things go bad, use Time Machine to go back to how it was?

I can’t test that last theory right now; my wifi goes in and out and I’m affected by the hurricane.

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