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For all you creators out there, LG understands that there’s more to the final product than just the final product. There’s also the process. All the hours spent working, toiling, and creating, that no one ever sees. The endless brain-strain and ideating that a creator dedicates to a project…that is what makes up your UltraWide . Few will ever see or understand the process you go through, where all the work and magic happen. But LG understands.

Alan Walker on the Effort It Takes

One of the highlight participants of this year’s LG UltraWide Festival is Alan Walker, a multiple-platinum DJ/Producer. Alan says he spent years wondering if the countless hours at his computer desk would ever be rewarded. “Making music takes a lot of time and effort, not something that just happens with a snap. It takes time but is a very fun road to go.” He still spends long nights composing on his UltraWide monitor.

Ultrawide Time 1

Then there’s Action Movie Kid. Daniel Hashimoto and his son created a smash hit YouTube channel that features a kid surrounded by eye-popping special effects. For this dad and son, “quality time” is spent in front of a camera and computer. Daniel says “my UltraWide Time is for imagination. Every afternoon we come up with something amazing.”

Ultrawide Time 2

My UltraWide Time

The theme for this year’s LG UltraWide Festival is “My UltraWide Time.” LG focuses on the long hours and tireless effort of passionate creators. This year, instead of your final product, LG wants to know about your nitty gritty process.

It’s simple to enter. Take a short quiz, describe a moment, or share a story about your creative process. Get all the rules and details at LG UltraWide Festival event page, or simply do a search for ‘LG UltraWide.’

LG actually understands the hours it takes to create just a few moments of work, and is excited to show creators some support through this event. This is the 4th straight year since 2015 that LG has given a boost to deserving creators through the UltraWide Festival.

Ultrawide Time 3

Equipping Creatives

LG’s support for creators extends well beyond the LG UltraWide Festival. LG equips world-class DJs with monitors through the UltraWide Studio program. Also, LG’s UltraWide Academy Sponsorship nurtures the next generation of international artists. Top design, art, and animation schools are provided with state-of-the-art equipment and space for all things creative.

The UltraWide Academy Sponsorship first sponsored a brand-new computer lab at Parsons School of Design in 2016. Next was the Royal College of Art in 2017. This year, LG decked out the Vancouver Film School, recently ranked the No.1 International Animation School, with an academy lab. LG is clearly showing its long-term commitment to gifted students in the process of honing their talents.

Ultrawide Time 4

The new facilities definitely impressed Vancouver Film School’s Head of Animation, Colin Giles. He says, “The creative digital art is an exciting canvas for any idea you can create with the possibilities being endless. The students will benefit from this strong partnership with LG and the LG UltraWide Monitor Academy Lab by having access to a literal canvas that removes any possible barrier to their imagination. With a wide, seamless screen that allows for a more immersive use of the software at hand and a color range that meets their own imagination their creations will jump into reality. ‘The more you see, the better you create’ has never been truer than at VFS.” To see photos of the VFS Academy Lab, head over to the @LG_UltraWide Instagram account

Once in a great while, a company truly understands creators. LG focuses on the long hours of your work that others rarely see. It’s especially heartening that the process is getting some respect. It’s time worth cherishing as much as the result.

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