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Controllers are arguably the most under-appreciated piece of the gaming experience. The days of blocky gray bricks without thumbsticks are long gone, not counting the classic consoles currently on the market. Developers can now make their specific controllers an integral part of the gaming experience, but that means limiting , which is the case with the upcoming Super Mario .

It was revealed a few days ago that Pro controllers wouldn’t be supported, but it now appears that the actual play options are limited to the Switch’s docked and tabletop modes due to the game’s use of the Joy Con’s motion controls and gyroscopic movement for minigames. In fact, the only supported controller option appears to be using a single horizontal Joy Con, according to Nintendo Japan’s website.


Despite its size and somewhat awkward shape, the Joy Con isn’t universally disliked. The built rumble sensors are very impressive, and 1-2 Switch‘s marble rolling minigame shows some innovation. It should prove more than enough for most fans of the Mario Party franchise, with the exception of those with larger hands, as that combination can become uncomfortable very quickly.

Of course, it is also a shame that the options are so limited. People like to use the controller of their choice, and it may have been better for Nintendo to keep more players in mind. It certainly would have made the game more accessible to players that can’t use the Joy Cons for various reasons, and most players do enjoy using the things they bought.

Regardless, Super Mario Party looks promising. It was one of the bigger franchises missing from the Switch, but its October 5th release date is now right around the corner. With the recent announcement of Animal Crossing and Super Smash Brothers Ultimate slated to launch in December, Nintendo has granted almost every wish their fanbase has made. All that’s really left now is the upcoming Metroid game and, hopefully, something new for Star Fox.

Super Mario Party will release on October 5th, 2018, for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Nintendo Enthusiast

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