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It’s time to break out those again, Guardians. Bungie has announced that its previous nerf of the weapon type at the start of 2: Forsaken isn’t working out, and has decided to increase Scout Rifle damage to make it viable again in PvE.

When Forsaken launched, Scout Rifles received a nerf that left Guardians scratching their heads, especially since they were a favorite amongst players. This became a bigger issue when Explosive Rounds also negatively impacted damage, though that was addressed in a recent hotfix.

To make Scout Rifles worthy of a spot in Guardian arsenals, and to address plenty of player feedback, damage will be increased by 15%. This is a nice step in the right direction, but isn’t enough of a boost for some players. Bungie laid out the proposed changes through its official forums, where it states that the Scout Rifle buff will be part of a future patch.

destiny 2 sleeper simulant ikelos

Meanwhile, Bungie is also looking at possible nerfs for Sleeper Simulant in Gambit, as it has been dominating matches since the game mode launched. The exotic linear fusion rifle is a notoriously powerful weapon, and has been since it was originally introduced in the first Destiny. 

In Gambit, it has become a standard part of the Guardian arsenal for its ability to one-shot enemy invaders, as well as devastate teams as an invader. Sleeper Simulant has great range, and can target Guardians from across the map with deadly efficiency. It’s typical to see Sleeper Simulants in the hands of Guardians all over Gambit at the moment. Because of how strong it performs in the mode, Bungie is considering some adjustments to the weapon.

In other , Destiny 2 players have recently been tackling the game’s newest raid, Last Wish. While most simply want to earn the newest, best loot currently in the game, others see it as a way to challenge themselves and push their limits. To do so, a few Guardian teams have gone above and beyond what is expected of the average player, such as one group that managed to beat the last boss of the raid with only four players. Shortly after this achievement, however, they were one-upped by another group who beat the boss with only two players.

Talk about impressive.

Destiny 2: Forsaken is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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