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Musicbed CEO Daniel McCarthy

Tired of putting the same background music in your video or those photo slideshows? Music licensing platform Musicbed now has a subscription giving creatives access to tunes without getting stuck with the same old song. The subscription also comes with a new tool for telling YouTube's software, that yes, the music in the background is used legally.

YouTube bots will automatically flag a video that contains copyrighted music, earning your channel a strike. Creators can appeal the strike for content that's used legally, but it can be a hassle. Within the Creator membership, SyncID is designed to tell the bots that you paid to use that copyrighted music. The tool works by connecting the YouTube account with the MusicBed account and will automatically clear any copyright flags.

In addition to YouTube, the Creator membership is designed for Vimeo, Instagram, Patreon, and other streaming platforms. Along with the YouTube membership, the subscription options also include options for non-profit, weddings or photography, freelance filmmakers and production companies, and a business' in-house production team. The automatic SyncID is included with the YouTube membership only, but other plans can copy and paste a SyncID code to remove flags from videos uploaded to YouTube.

The subscriptions feature hundreds of the artists that are already available with Musicbed's pay-per-song licensing. Musicbed says the library includes indie artists as well as “hundred of chart-topping, nation-touring, genre-defying Musicbed artists.” Music crosses several genres and also includes instrumental only options. 

While the subscriptions are new, Musicbed is not — the company has on synchronization licenses for film, video, and broadcast since 2010. MusicBed already offers curated playlists that suggest music for projects, and even original music designed specifically for your project. The company hand-picks music to offer for video projects.

Members can access unlimited tracks that are marked with an “M” for part of the membership plan, while the per-project licenses are also discounted for members. The new subscriptions start at around $8 a month for the Creator membership and stretch all the way to about $90 for a business membership when paying a year in advance. Month-by-month subscriptions are also available.

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