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Telltale , the developer of licensed adventure titles such as the Walking Dead series, Game of and Batman, has laid off most of its staff, with the intention of closing the studio.

The last season of the Walking Dead game released this year. The second season of Wolf Among Us and an upcoming Stranger Things series were in the works, with the latter still perhaps on the horizon. The recent partnership with Netflix seemed to suggest a company planning for the future.

A Verge feature story from earlier this year described layoffs coming from a company that suffered from mismanagement and lack of innovation, leading to a push for fewer, higher-quality .

Founded in 2004, Telltale Games spent nearly 15 years popularizing the choice-based, story-heavy adventure game genre. Despite the highs of The Walking Dead seasons and The Wolf Among Us, recent superhero retellings and other projects failed to capture much commercial notice.

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