Wait, so dark mode doesn’t affect Mail? | Mac

That’s… incredibly disappointing.

.app has always been one of the strongest arguments for using macos rather than linux. That argument has been getting weaker over the years as Apple continues to break or remove functionality from it, and it always did have the terrible downside of being locked into a light color scheme.

It seemed like the latter issue was finally going to be resolved in Mojave. But apparently Apple just decided to ship it with this one glaring (so to speak) omission?

EDIT: Looks as if the actual situation may be slightly different, but still unfortunate. This page seems to indicate that there’s a toggle within Mail.app itself… but that it still gets overridden by html choices made by the mail sender. And given that Apple removed the ability for Mail.app to show plaintext messages, I guess we are still at the mercy of whatever color scheme mail sender want to foist on us.

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