How to Group Objects, Items, & Pictures in PowerPoint | How To

Grouping objects in PowerPoint can help you adjust them easily and keep everything neatly designed. Grouping can come in handy to align pictures and other objects in your presentation.

In this short video and tutorial you’ll learn how to quickly objects in PowerPoint.

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Note: In this tutorial we use the BePro PowerPoint Business Template. You can find more  awesome PowerPoint templates on Envato Elements or GraphicRiver. Or look in our  Guide to the Best Microsoft PowerPoint Templates.

How to Group Objects in PowerPoint Quickly

Note: Watch this short tutorial screencast or follow the quick steps below, that complement this video.

1. Select PowerPoint Group Objects

select a group
The first step in using PowerPoint to group objects is to select the images that will be in the group.

Let’s start off with these four images. Let’s say that I want to move them all in the same way. To do this, I hold the Control button on the keyboard and click on each of them so that we all have them selected at the same time. I right-click and choose Group.

2. Move Items in Selected Group

move items

I click Off and then click Back on any of the images and the ones we group together and I’ve easily grabbed them all at the same time.

It’s easy to grab all the images at the same time. As they move up you’ll see that they’re all moving together exactly in the same way. 

3. Resize a Group of PowerPoint Objects

resize powerpoint group objects
To resize PowerPoint group objects, grab a corner handle.

Another option is that if you start to resize them down you’ll notice that they’re all scaling down proportionately. This keeps everything nice and neat and appropriately sized.

You can also group together text boxes or practically any combination of objects on a slide by right-clicking on them and following the group step on the menu (Step 1). 

4. Ungroup Selected Items

If you need to, you can ungroup PowerPoint group objects.

Finally, in case you accidentally add something to a group that shouldn’t be
there, simply right-click and choose Ungroup. That breaks apart the group and
makes each object behave on its own once again. 

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