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Epic Games and have finally revealed the lineup of Pop figures that are going to be hitting store shelves in December. While it’s a few months until the figures actually come out, fans of – which is, realistically, a massive portion of gamers everywhere at this point – can pre-order them from several retailers now.

Fans can see all of the Funko pop figures for the game right here, and make whatever pre-order they want to while they still can.

The Funko coming out in December for Fortnite are modeled after Black Knight, Skull Trooper, Moonwalker, Tower Recon Specialist, Highrise Assault Trooper, Omega, Brite Bomber, Cuddle Team Leader, Love Ranger, Merry Marauder, and Raptor. Funko keychains will also be releasing for Love Ranger and Cuddle Team Leader.

Fortnite also has no shortage of merchandise to grab before December. Epic Games made a few partnerships in order to push out Halloween costumes for this October, and they’re already in stores. The partnership was primarily with Spirit, a seasonal store that offers almost exclusively Halloween costumes and accessories.

Fortnite as a property is extremely ripe for merchandising, with new and visually distinct cosmetics coming out every day. Between the iconic looks of Cuddle Team Leader and the Brite Bomber, there’s a whole lot for Epic Games to sell as Halloween costumes and Funko pop figures.

With Fortnite continuing to dominate the market for free-to-play games and getting more and more popular by the day, any merchandise with its name on it is sure to sell like hot cakes. It’s surprising that it’s taken this long for Funko – a company known for selling merchandise for just about any popular franchise – to jump onto the Battle Bus and roll in money with Epic Games. In December, both companies, along with the fans, are likely to have a very good holiday season.

Fortnite is available now on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Switch, and Mobile.

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