How do I cancel a stuck app update in the app store in Mojave? | Mac

I’m trying to download the latest update of Xcode from the app in . I started the download/install process after upgrading to . It’s been now over 3 days that the download/install is . Although this happens every time there is an Xcode update, so I’m not surprised.

However, in earlier versions (Yosemite, El Cap, Sierra), to cancel a stuck update, I would normally go to the “updates” page, and use “option + click” to cancel an update. The “Purchases” page was another option to do the same thing. However, in Mojave, “option + click” no longer cancels an update (neither does just the click). There’s no “Purchases” page too in the new app store in Mojave.

Screenshot –

Sometimes it’s “waiting”, other times it’s “installing”. And all this while, I haven’t been able to use Xcode at all.

How do I go about canceling the download?

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