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The 4 Main Hurdles Holding Humanity Back From Space with Eric Ward

Eric Ward is the co-founder and CEO of both Odyne Space and Aten Engineering, two space tech startups with a ton of promise for the future. Eric is an experienced systems architect who sees growing the space industry as the next step to progressing humanity beyond the planet.

At Odyne, Eric and the team are working on phase one: launch, and run a large scale nano and micro satellite launch program to allow more satellite tech companies easier access to space.

Aten Engineering on the other hand deals with what to do once we get there and is an asteroid mining company to provide humanity with inexpensive access to the materials we need to become a space-faring civilization.

Eric recently received a Master’s degree in Systems Design and Management from MIT, has published multiple technical documents on Systems Architecture and the Space Industry, has been featured in Fast Company, and co-founded the MIT New Space Age Conference.

In our wide-ranging conversation, we cover many things, including:

  • The hurdles humanity back from becoming space faring civilization

  • Why now is the time for space tech startups

  • How politics and economics must evolve to suit space

  • The reason holds the key to space travel

  • Why we’re still a few years off from a moon or Mars colony

  • The big problem with propulsion for space sustainability

  • How economics will drive our current space race

  • The reason governments won’t play much of a role in space exploration

  • Eric’s thoughts on the ethics of space

  • The unique challenges space tech startups face

  • Political challenges associate with space travel

  • Why the pace of innovation is constantly accelerating

  • How AI will create a new breed of human

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