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Since two weeks is no more possible to (outside library method, that is not great and has a lot of limitation, you should know it, if you already tried it), they simply keep only icloud active. icloud that after 2 months with an average of 1000-3000 links pro day starts to delete , cool. they removed this feature of dragdrop without releasing a new macos. now it seems to use chrome and firefox, that i hate to use if the goal is keep the full millions links on finder for quick search. those are great for other goals.

Care told me “safari is not made for user with average 100k in few months…”, but they even didn’t know that there was this feature, so bad answer. Even if you reach 100k in 6 months or 1 year, you will lose all history after that, since the limitation is around 100-130k. “Write a feedback to ” was their solution… i already wrote 100-200 suggestion to improve macos for pro usage, but no one was added. they simply want to make happy average user that at the end “don’t really use the mac” at full max.

first xmarks, now safari backup. argh

even this safari secure input problem in the last time is so annoying, that disable all background app until you quit safari (but is only temporary, since the problem come back really faster). is no a new problem, but this problem increased a lot in the last time on all mac with all different macos.

the real pro of safari compared to other browser is now gone (obviously there are other great features of safari). why the fuck do they remove great features. How do you backup your history now that the feature is gone?

Please write apple to bring back drag drop of history, thanks

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