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for those who don’t know it: https://bahoom.com/hyperswitch

It’s a remarkable piece of UX improvement and for me the most important parts are:

  • Preview of the Application windows
  • Also: preview of Same-Application Windows
  • Change of behavior when using “CMD-~ – pause – CMD-~”: it will too oscillate between windows within an app (just like CMT-Tab does)

This whole thing is so essential that I’m currently loathing every day I start with because it doesn’t work anymore (and there’s no update yet).

I tried already to contact the author but haven’t received a response yet. I would happily throw $$$ around for it, but it’s just delivered as free software.

There are so many alternatives that I even don’t know where to start. But most of them a) work differently or do things differently or b) do so much things/bloated/etc.

Thanks for any help or just pity

PS: https://www.reddit.com/r/mac/comments/55mnkw/replacement_for_hyperswitch/ => still remember this from back end (I use for ~4 years no) but luckily the author released an update

Edit: fixed “Change of behavior” description, got it wrong with CMT-Tab initially

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