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Apple’s 12 has already surpassed 11 after only two and a half weeks and is now installed on 47% of iDevices; 11 is now running 45%, according to data from analytics company Mixpanel.

Prior to iOS 12’s launch on Sept. 17, iOS 11 was running on 85% of iPhones and iPads, according to Apple’s developer support page.

In comparison, it took iOS 11 nearly two months last year to reach a 50% adoption rate. This year’s uptake rate is actually more similar to that of iOS 10, which was released in 2016 and had been installed on 48% of devices after only two weeks.

To date, however, 2015’s iOS 9 remains the leader for fastest uptake. Launched on Sept. 16, 2015, it needed just eight to surpass iOS 8, and in 10 , it garnered 50% of the install base. (A month after its release, iOS 9 was on 62% of iDevices, compared to iOS 8, which plummeted to just 29.65%.

Apple has yet to release official numbers regarding iOS 12’s uptake.

Among other factors, the popularity of newest version of iOS may be partially due to positive reviews and the timing of its release, according to Jack Gold, principal analyst with J. Gold Associates.

“Apple just had a major launch, so the issue is fresh in people’s minds,” Gold said. “This time of year, people are [also] more involved with computing, especially if you consider the education market with back to school.”

Among other features, iOS 12 is designed to be faster than its predecessor, even on older model iPhones. It offers group FaceTime chats, new emojis, “Screen Time” for tracking how iDevices are being used, revamped Notifications and Siri shortcuts.

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