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Blizzard’s Overwatch released well over two years ago and has been one of the leading online multiplayer games of this generation ever since. Overwatch has expanded into the field of figurines, an eSports competition, and even cereal, but now Blizzard is reaching even further with its first, ever LEGO set.

Less than six months ago Blizzard first announced its partnership with LEGO, and fans have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Blizzard and LEGO’s first character set. Despite the fans’ anticipation, little was heard from Blizzard up until about a week ago, when the American developer released LEGO mini-trailers, transforming Overwatch‘s playable characters into buildable LEGO sets. Available now, fans can build the robotic Tank by purchasing the limited edition Omnic set exclusively on Blizzard’s store.

The buildable version of Bastion created by LEGO and Blizzard consists of 182 pieces that operate together to construct and display Bastion’s ‘Omnic Crisis orange’ skin, while also fashioning a functioning machine gun that fires small LEGO bricks. Most excitingly, the set also includes Bastion’s sidekick, Ganymede, which Blizzard believes fans will appreciate.

While Blizzard’s first buildable character can also swivel at the waist and move its arms, unfortunately, it cannot transform into the Sentry or Ultimate attack modes like it can on screen. Although this is mildly disappointing, it is more than likely that someone in the LEGO community will publish a video demonstrating how to do just that.


lego bastion fig

Even though Bastion is the first LEGO set to be announced by Blizzard, it will certainly not be the last. Blizzard has hinted at many more characters to come, and with Blizzcon less than a month away, it is doubtful that neither LEGO nor Blizzard would miss this opportunity to reveal new sets.

It is no secret that Overwatch‘s popularity has been dwindling as of lately, multiple factors have contributed to this, but many gamers and developers have attributed Fortnite as the main cause of the decline. Blizzard itself has even stated that the popular battle royale game has directly impacted its sales, but many speculate that Blizzard may eventually dip its toes into the battle royale genre, due to Activision Blizzard’s CEO Bobby Kotick stating that Blizzard is quick to take inspiration from the games its fans enjoy. Although this is merely speculation, a battle royale-inspired game created by a developer as experienced and professional as Blizzard is certainly something to look forward to.

The limited edition Omnic Bastion LEGO set is available now for $25 exclusively on the official Blizzard store.

Source: TheVerge

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