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hinge rolls out new most compatible feature

Almost all dating apps provide you with all the you need to find a match — a profile, a pool of potential dates in the area, and a space to chat. But apps have yet to implement a that checks in with users to see how their first dates went, and Hinge is attempting to change that.

With its new “We Met” feature, Hinge wants to learn about the dates its members go on with matches made through its app. That way, it can inject the information into its algorithm to provide future recommendations that better suit what you're looking for in a significant other.

But how does it work? Since Hinge is programmed to recognize a ten digit code, the app will automatically know when you and your match exchange phone numbers. A few days later, both parties are then individually asked if they went on a , and if they would like to see that person again. If either person indicates they're not interested in a second date, the app applies that information when recommending new people.

If you do end up meeting up with one of your matches later on (after answering ‘no' to the survey), you can change the status. Simply go into the “Matches” section and swipe to the left — next to the “Hide” option, you'll also see “We Met,” which you can tap on.

“Until now dating apps didn't take actual date feedback into account when recommending potential matches,” Jean-Marie McGrath, Hinge director of communications, said in a press release. “We wanted to change that. With “We Met,” we're learning more about our members' dating experience which will help us get them out on great dates even faster.”

In terms of privacy, Hinge says any date feedback members share through the “We Met” feature is private. So, you'll never have to be afraid that your feedback will reach your existing match or even future matches. Hinge says it's strictly using the data to help improve the algorithm for matches you're provided with.

This past summer, Hinge unveiled a feature called “Most Compatible” which provides you with people the app thinks you would be most interested in dating but will also be interested in dating you. Found in the discover section of the app, Hinge sends users a new recommendation every 24 hours based on new information it learns about its members.

It seems Hinge wants to solve a similar issue in the online dating world with “We Met,” as it does with “Most Compatible” —  having too many options that provide a small number of successful outcomes. According to the company's data, Hinge users are eight times more likely to go on a date with someone they're most compatible with.


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