A way to view a *nix remote workstation’s GUI that doesn’t suck | Linux

I’ve tried VNC and nomachine with my Google Cloud Ubuntu Instance, I’ve also tried PaperSpace desktop-as-a-service. The machines are powerful and the connection speeds are good but the graphics display is lacking. None of the desktops seem as crisp as with a Windows RDP connection.. sometimes parts of the display flicker or lag, sometimes text on a webpage gets blurry and then goes back to normal

And the PaperSpace display looks like it’s having a seizure if you go into the full-screen applications , but I think that’s just a PaperSpace problem.

I also tried an Amazon Workspaces Linux workstation, but you could only set it up to use Amazon Linux and not any other distro, which was a shame.. Amazon Linux is pretty drab to look at.

I’d love to just be running my Ubuntu KDE dev workstation in the Google cloud and connecting to it’s display so I can use it like I’m sitting at that computer. I’ve given it good specs, it’s packing 10 cores and over 60GB of memory, so I’m excited to use it if I can get the display to look crisp.

Alternatives: run a Windows workstation in the Oracle cloud, which allows the type of virtualization that VirtualBox needs to run, and spin up Linux Virtualbox instances inside Windows while connecting to Windows VIA RDP

.. but let’s not go there just yet

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