This young girl making $900 every day | Social Media

 A 13-year-old girl Makenna Kelly from US, enjoys entertaining her million YouTube followers. She earns $900 per day through advertising

Kelly has its own YouTube channel, ‘Life with Mak’. Until about May, the channel only had about 600 or so subscribers. Then, on June 3, one video shot her to fame with 11.5 million views, gaining her 600,000 subscribers in a few scant days.


That video was of her eating a honeycomb.

She makes ASMR videos, which means autonomous sensory meridian response. It includes whispering into the microphone, stroking it with a coarse paint brush, or tapping fingernails on various object.

ASMR YouTube

She joined YouTube six months before, now she is doing well, with over 1.1 million subscribers and more than 87 million views on her channel.

They wonder if she knows what she’s doing, if she’s really “doing” anything at all.

In the meantime, though, Makenna Kelly is enjoying her stint as the newest superstar of ASMR. In fact, the only thing that gives her pause is her schoolwork, which ends up slowing down her uploads. Other than that, let’s hope any doubt is just imagined and she’s doing just fine, enjoying her fleeting teenage years.

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