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Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment are starting to share more information regarding The 2, introducing the True enemy faction. The True is a militaristic faction made up of “radical mutineers and trained criminals, led by the traitor Antwon Ridgeway. The group believes that “might makes right” in the most literal sense, making them one of The Division 2‘s most lethal threats.

As with the factions in The Division, the events of the Black Friday smallpox epidemic are what cause the otherwise loyal soldiers of the True Sons to betray their country and turn cruel to the utmost degree. Ridgeway began by redirecting resources from a quarantine zone to feed and support his own men, letting others starve and sicken as a result. Eventually, Ridgeway would be imprisoned by the JTF, only to be freed by his cult-like following.

“In Ridgeway’s eyes, he had done nothing wrong. According to him, he was the only one with a realistic and viable solution to the situation. Therefore, the betrayal of his fellow officers filled him with rage and hate towards the JTF and the federal government. As soon as he got out, he gathered men from his former unit and the stockade where he was held prisoner. Together they captured the JTF officers that had imprisoned him and held a symbolic tribunal for them, only to execute them all moments later – and so True Sons were born”

The True Sons, with their military experience and access to arms, would go on to become Washington D.C.’s conquerors. The faction’s brutality – its willingness to slaughter anyone in its path – make the True Sons an immense threat.

In addition to providing lore regarding the origination of the True Sons, Ubisoft offered some details regarding the faction’s role in the game. For example, the True Sons will be represented by 10 different enemy archetypes for players to encounter and battle. Several of these archetypes are shown in The Division 2‘s E3 gameplay trailer but keep in mind that the True Sons are just one of The Division 2‘s enemy factions.

One of the True Sons enemy archetypes, the Medic, is detailed in the article. According to Ubisoft, the Medic has a special ability that allows them to revive fallen allies and shock enemies. Players can target the Medic’s vulnerable points to disarm them of the shock pads and also shock everyone within a certain range of the enemy. Alone the Medic is unlikely to be a threat, but intermixed with any of the other 9 True Sons archetypes they’ll prove an increasing menace

Expect more deep dives regarding The Division 2‘s lore, gameplay, and other interesting subjects as The Division 2‘s launch approaches.

The Division 2 releases March 15, 2019 on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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